Monday, July 1, 2013

Sparkly Green Earrings

Sparkly Green Earrings, by Melanie Shankle was a gift my mom gave me a few months ago.  To be honest, I was not too excited to start the book and simply felt like there were other things I should be doing with my time besides reading a memoir written by someone I had never even heard of.

However, simply a few pages into the book my opinion changed drastically.  The book begins when Melanie and her husband first discover they are pregnant.  Each chapter is full of highs and lows, laughter, and life lessons.  There are so many things from this book I know I will use as I begin my personal adventure into the world of motherhood.  It is definitely a book I believe I will revisit again.

As a girl who loves to hear the thoughts and life lessons the Lord is teaching others, and of course loves to laugh and relax, this book hit the spot for me.  Ladies, definitely consider picking it up for a light summer read regardless of the season of life you may find yourself in.

In case you don't believe me, here is what Beth Moore has to say about it: 

"Profoundly insightful, witty and relatable...Relish this ride-- you won't be sorry you took it!" --Beth Moore

Much love and happy reading to you!

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