Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Update

1.  New Playground- Gassaway Baptist Church of West Virginia has been serving here at Baptist Haiti Mission for the past two weeks.  Several of the team members had served with BHM in the past, after their first visit they began to dream of ways they could help improve the work of BHM in a practical way.  Their Noah's Ark!

Families, friends, schools, and orphanages visit the mission on a regular basis because our property is open to the public.  The Gassaway group desired to build a large play area for the community that would also provide an opportunity to share the Gospel.  The Ark is the result of this dream.  We are so excited about the relationships that will be developed from this project.  True confession, as momma to be I am stoked to think about our child having a place to play one day!  Thanks Gassaway!

2.  Graduations- My time teaching English with the local kindergarten has come to a close due to summer vacation.  Although I miss seeing the kids each week, I'm alright having a few more minutes of "down time".  A few weekends ago the school hosted a graduation for the kiddos.  In true Haiti fashion, it started an hour late, and lasted quite a few hours.  I confess, I snuck out early, but still managed to share my excitement with the teachers and kiddos and get a few cute pictures in the process.

This is one of a few hundred Christian schools connected with our ministry here in Haiti.  The kids who attend these schools are exposed to the truth of the Gospel each and everyday.  What a gift it is to be a part of such Gospel centered work.

3.  Parent Projects- Trey's parents have been visiting us over the past week, and you know what that means, projects are in full swing.  For many months Trey has been working on developing a patio area above where our water cisterns sit.  Ty and Terri have been a huge help this week adding several finishing touches...

Ty's favorite spot is the porch swing.  My handy husband built the swing a few months ago and we are definitely putting it to use.

4.  Baby Update-  We are halfway through week 15 of pregnancy and going strong.  Our last doctors appointment went great and we are excited about all that is in store.  Grandma Salter (still searching for a name for baby to call her) and Trey found some fun baby fabric for our little one...

And, we recently received a baby crib that was used by another missionary family.  It's pretty bizarre to have this in our house, even if right now it is simply used for storage and balancing my hair straightener when I get ready every morning.  Nevertheless, it is one step closer to having baby here with us!

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