Saturday, June 15, 2013

Interesting Facts

Our pregnancy journey has been quite the experience, thus far.

We are currently passed the 1st trimester and enjoying the stage that many refer to as the "Pregnancy Honeymoon."  My physical woes have decreased tremendously and the little baby bump has officially chosen to make an appearance.

It has been a tremendous blessing over the past few weeks to hear from several friends and family and talk about our excitement over baby Salter.  My favorite word from the States concerning baby to be actually happened today when we received the mail.

I had a sweet note from my Aunt Susan informing me that my cousin Grace's Sunday School class was asked to draw a picture of a family member and write an interesting fact to go along with that person.

Grace chose me...

I was so flattered when I heard that she chose me.  But, wait...what in the world would she pick as an interesting fact about me?!

A Pregnet Missonary...that's me!

I could not help but laugh out loud.  These past several weeks have indeed been quite interesting for me as we are navigating the road to parenthood, and doing that in a 3rd world country.  I know our journey will continue to hold many interesting moments and that our Father is walking with us, controlling all, every step of the way.

It is a delight to my heart, to know the Lord has called me for this special time to be a pregnant missionary, and that is indeed an interesting fact.

Thanks for the picture Grace, it is definitely going on our refrigerator!

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