Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Haiti Support

It is incredibly exciting to think in almost two months we will be living in Haiti!  On August 18 we will be in Rockford MI meeting with the board of Baptist Haiti Mission.  After this point we will take a couple of weeks to spend some much needed time with family and close friends before embarking on this new adventure!

As we work to spread the news about our time in Haiti we have begun to send out snail mail to clearly express what we will be doing in Haiti and how you can be involved.  In an effort to not miss anyone I wanted to place a copy of this letter on the blog. 


 Trey and I met in August of 2007 at Boyce College.  The Lord orchestrated our love story and we were married in March of 2010.  Over the course of our lives we have been very involved with camp ministry.  This time heavily influenced our relationship with the Lord as well as impacted our hearts with a passion for international missions.  In 2009 we both served as Summer Staffers for Crossings Camps where Trey was then hired to work full time.  It is through our involvement with Crossings and our love for international missions that we were first introduced to a ministry opportunity in Haiti to serve with an organization called Baptist Haiti Mission.

            Baptist Haiti Mission has had a presence in Haiti over 50 years.  It is located in Fermathe, a beautiful area in the mountains an hour north of Port Au Prince.  BHM oversees a variety of ministries in Haiti.  Some of these include planting churches, training leaders within these churches, child sponsorships, and running an 80 bed hospital on the mission property.  BHM has recently acquired property throughout Haiti to host summer camps.  The past couple of summers have consisted of only two weeks of camp, one of which is specifically set apart for the children of Haitian Pastors.  We are thrilled God has prepared us and called us to help grow this ministry.

            Today we are serving alongside Crossings Camps in Bagdad, KY.  It is with great excitement that we are sharing with the students throughout this summer about the goals Crossings has to partner with Haiti and how they can be involved.  We hope to have students traveling to Haiti next summer to work on building projects to help the camp.  Our upcoming plan is to be moving to Haiti this fall.  Trey will be stepping into an administrative role at BHM with plans to be involved in the camp ministry.  I will be working with the women of Haiti and focusing on the communication side of the ministry.  We are excited about this opportunity to serve in Haiti.  There are many ways you can be involved, and we would like to invite you to join us on this journey.

            We covet your prayers as we know the Lord is before us, and we walk trusting in Him into this next season of life.  We also ask you to prayerfully consider supporting us while we are in Haiti.  BHM asks that we raise $1,200 a month to cover living expenses on the mission, health insurance, and other ministry needs.  Included in this envelope is a support pledge card you can use to indicate your level of involvement.  Finally, we would love to have you serve alongside us in Haiti!  We are eager to see how the Lord may direct you, our friends and family.

Pledge Card Info:
Yes, I want to be a part of Trey and Chelsea Salter's ministry in Haiti by doing the following:

Check all that apply:
--Praying faithfully
--Receiving prayer letters/email updates
--Contributing $ ______ One time, Monthly, Annually

Please include your Name, Address, Phone #, and Email

Make checks payable to: 
Baptist Haiti Mission
118 Courland
Rockford, MI 49341

Please designate Trey and Chelsea Salter.  All gifts are tax deductible.

All of the information on the support card can be written or typed and mailed to Baptist Haiti Mission in Rockford, MI.  If you would like to receive a letter in the mail or have further questions please do not hesitate to e-mail me at  Thanks!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Operation Move to Haiti!

It is official preparation for our move to Haiti is in full swing!  Our precious friend Susanne White has been a blessing to us and has equipped us with the medical knowledge we need for Haiti.  She even brought some of the shots to us out at camp!  Above: we are chilling on the golf cart, where we were given our shots :)

Our current plan is to move to Haiti in the middle of September.  I wanted to share a list of some things you could pray for.

*Pray for a smooth time of transition as we move out of our apartment and close out life in Louisville.  
*Pray for clarity in what to pack and what to leave.
*Pray for precious time with our families.  Over the next several weeks we will be in a lot of different places.  We hope to have good quality time with our families though it may be shorter than we had originally thought.
*Pray that we would be consumed with excitement over this move as we enter into a completely different season.  We desire for our hearts to be broken over the people of Haiti and to be filled with an eagerness to get there and get there soon!

I have sent out snail mail to several members of our family and friends about the specific work we will be doing in Haiti and how you can be involved.  If you would like information about this PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE e-mail me your address,, and we will send you information!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"You make me melt like a popsicle on the fourth of july..." -Little Rascals

4th of July weekend is officially one of my favorite weekends of all time!  
Three years ago 4th of July weekend was when I KNEW Trey was the man I was supposed to marry.  We had spent the summer working at different camp properties and 4th of July was the first weekend we both were free.

This picture was taken about an hour after we had seen each other during the summer of '09.  Although we were both so tired from working at camp we spent every moment possible together that weekend.  It was 5:30 Sunday morning that Trey had to leave to head back to camp.  I did not have to be back at camp until later that day.  While standing in the driveway crying over having to say goodbye it was then that I realized that I no longer wanted to spend my life doing ministry separated from Trey Salter.  I knew the Lord was orchestrating our lives together and we were heading in the same direction as we followed Him.  I waved goodbye and eagerly anticipated what it would be like to leave early in the morning with Trey one day to serve the Lord together.

Fastforward to July 4th 2011...
Yet another great weekend with the love of my life.  Except this time we did not have to say goodbye to one another when the weekend came to an end.  We piled into the vehicle together and were off for another adventure!

It is truly a gift to get to do life with my best friend.  As we plan our move to Haiti there is a lot to be accomplished between now and September.  Pray that this time of transition is smooth for us as well as our families.  Pray that along the way we do not get distracted and fail to remember our purpose which is to bring Glory to our Lord in all we say and do!  May we never be too "busy" to stop and dwell on the goodness of our Great God!